Wedding Dress Portrait: Clare

Creative director Ailbhe talks you through illustrating the amazing Clare’s beautiful 50’s style wedding dress!

‘Clare’s mum arrived into our studio having seen one of our wedding dress portraits at a wedding in Spain and was surprised that our studio was just around the corner to where she lived, what a small world! She knew exactly what she wanted for her daughter who was getting married, something a bit different and on a figure, not a hanger. She explained her daughter was a graphic designer who was also getting into wedding makeup – ‘ is her name Clare Hogan by any chance??’ I asked. WELL, the world just grew even smaller, her daughter was my amazing makeup artist that did my own wedding the previous month!! For Clare, I did a fashion illustration to show of her 50′s style Lyn Ashworth ‘Jacqueline’ dress.’

Clare kindly sent me the photos after her wedding along with these lovely words:

‘Dear Ailbhe, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the stunning sketch you did of my wedding dress. When my mum gave it to me I was so delighted as I’ve always loved your work and now I have a piece of your talent for one of the most important days of my life. I adored my wedding dress and having this drawing is the perfect keepsake. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece for me and continued success to you and Jane with the business.‘

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