Outdoor Wedding Reception(2)

Top Tips: Jobs for the Groom

We know how stressful planning a wedding can be so we have a few jobs that you can delegate to your soon to be ‘Hubby’ to take some of the stress of you!

Outdoor Wedding Reception(2)
Outdoor Wedding Reception(2)

Groomsmen & Ushers

Firstly, he has to decide who he wants his groomsmen and ushers to be. If he’s having a hard time deciding who he wants his best man to be he can have more than one! Once he has decided whom he’s asking the next decision to be made is what to wear. It is also his job to make sure the groomsmen and ushers look respectable on the day, haircuts may be needed! Oh and remember to let him know what colour your bridesmaids are wearing so his groomsmen are coordinating with your gorgeous girls!

Collect addresses for invitations

Collecting addresses in 2014 can be a difficult and frustrating task as who keeps an address book anymore, so why not ask the groom to help.


If he likes music (and has good taste!) Get him to choose what type of music the DJ plays or let him hire a band. Just make sure he runs it all by your first, you don’t want any big surprises on the day!


Let the groom take charge of arranging the transportation to and from the church. Also, if you need to book a bus for taking guests home make sure he books this in plenty of time.


Go together to any food or cake tastings so you both have some involvement in what sort of food you’d like at your wedding. He’ll enjoy this one!


Last but certainly not least, the rings! It is traditionally the groom’s job is to bring the rings to the ceremony.

Photography credit: Paula O’Hara