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Top Tips: How To Address A Guest On Your Wedding Invitation

You may now be at the stage where you are contemplating the wording of your invitation. One thing that might be puzzling you is how you are going to address the guest on your invitation. Depending on the design or print of your invitation you may find it is not exactly as straightforward as you may have thought. Well, we are here to help! We have some simple solutions for you below that are sure to help.

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Guest addressed on the invitation:

Depending on the design you have chosen you may be able to handwrite the guest’s name on the invitation itself. If you have opted for a design with a dark background or a design that is tight on space it is unlikely that this is possible. Handwriting the invitations can also be very time consuming so you must be prepared for this. If you would rather avoid this burden take a look at the below points.


Guest names printed on the invitations:

We can print your guest’s names on the invitations themselves which is a lovely touch as it means the guest’s names will be in the same fonts and colours as the rest of your invitation. However, if you are going with this option, you will need to have your guest list created early and to order some invitations with a space to write the guests names for any additional people you may need to invite!


Guest addressed on the envelope

Of course, you can always address the guest straight off on the envelope. At Appleberry Atelier, we provide you with an envelope printing service that will keep your hand from getting weary from writing. The envelope should be addressed conventionally with the full address spelt out. If you are sending invitations to a married couple be sure to address both. If you are sending invitations to an unmarried couple living together you should address both on one line. Example:  “Ms Marie King and Mr John Evans”.


Guest addressed on RSVP Card

If you are worried about being impersonal by stating “and guest” on the outer envelope, then you might consider writing the individual names of the people you are inviting on the actual RSVP card. This is a popular option with couple’s who do not want to write on the actual invitations

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Addressing A Guest