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Top Tips: How Many Wedding Invitations Do I Need?

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How many invitations do I need

You might be surprised to hear but it’s quite common that a bride or groom thinks they need 150 invitations because they are having 150 guests. This is not so! You will never need as many invitations as you have guests. Most weddings will have a high proportion of couples attending and will only need one invitation between them. A helpful rule of thumb is to consider 60% of the guest list is the number of invitations required. This is really just for estimating your budget. Before you fully confirm your invitations order you may want to get a more exact figure.

While Excel is a useful method of confirming the guest list there are now plenty of online tools that can really speed up the process. One site with such a guest list tool is Moposa. One of the major benefits of using Moposa for your guest list is that you can import guests from your Facebook list of friends, really speeding things up. Another nice aspect is that your guests can RSVP online updating your guest list automatically. The Moposa guest list also allows you to group guests into parties or groups which is handy later when you get round to the seating plan.

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Quick tip:

– Always order extra invitations. It’s very common that guest lists growing sneakily for reasons you may not have foreseen. Ordering an extra few invitations later can be far more costly than including them in your initial order. You may also make mistakes when addressing your invitations so it’s always handy to have some spares.

-Ensure you keep one invitation as a keepsake and ask your wedding photographer to take a picture of it for your wedding album.


Guestlist of 250 = Order minimum of 150 invitations

Guestlist of 200 = Order minimum of 120 invitations

Guestlist of 150 = Order minimum of 85 invitations

Guestlist of 120 = Order minimum of 70 invitations

Guestlist of 100 = Order minimum of 65 invitations

Guestlist of 80 = Order minimum of 50 invitations

Guestlist of 50 = Order minimum of 30 invitations