Wedding Dress Code Tips

How To Let Your Guests Know The Dress Code By Invitation

Navigating the dress code for your wedding can be tricky. Whether you're planning an elegant soirée or a relaxed barn-style celebration, here are some helpful guidelines to ensure your guests are appropriately attired.
Wedding Dress Code Tips

Where to do it:

When it comes to indicating the dress code, consider these three main places you can do so:

  • The bottom of your wedding invitation.
  • On a separate details card included with the invitation suite.
  • Via your wedding website for comprehensive information

By providing clear guidance on the dress code, you’ll ensure that your guests feel confident and appropriately dressed for your special day.

How To Let Your Guests Now The Dresscode By Invitations

How to do it:

Here are some of the most common dress code options and their corresponding attire suggestions:

Black Tie: This is the most formal and clearest dress code of them all. “Black Tie” simply means men must don tuxedos and women should wear long dresses.

Elegant/Formal Attire: A step down in formality. “Elegant Attire” means gentlemen can wear a tux if they would like, but it’s not required; men will most likely opt to wear a nice suit and tie. Ties are definitely required. Ladies should wear long, formal dresses.

Cocktail Chic: A more relaxed option where men can wear nice suit pants and shirts (ties optional), while ladies opt for shorter, elegant cocktail dresses.

Beach Chic: Ideal for tropical settings, encouraging attire that is both stylish and suitable for the beach environment.

Festive Attire: This means that guests should have fun and dress according to the theme of the invite. They should wear bright colors and clothes that make a big statement because it’s going to be a playful event.

Casual: This is wide open. Be comfortable and casual. Really, there’s no enforced dress code.

Come As You Are: A laissez-faire approach, allowing guests to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, often seen at next-day events.

All White/Red Attire: For those who wish to incorporate a color theme into their attire, whether it’s all white or a specific hue like red.

How To Let Your Guests Know Your Dress Code Tips
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